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Create Your Own Movie!

Making a movie is a creative team building activity where team members work as true team players to write a script, produce, direct and act in the "Movie" using limited resources. A mini movie production will be created at the end of the day. Creating a piece of a movie from scratch is very satisfying, enjoyable experience and provides a team with a strong sense of unity, identity and achievement. Attendants will engage both mind and body as they take part in ensemble exercises mainly borrowed from physical theatre, exploring different ways of improving their own skills and stretching their creative minds. Cooperation and effective communication are the keys to a team’s success, motivating the group to successfully develop professional friendships. This concept works for groups of children as well, in order to create a memorable session which will enthuse and inspire younger attendants as well. Follow Me Tours provides the video cameras, dress up clothing, make-up and certain props. Food and drinks are included and a copy of the Movie will be sent to you to cherish the moments.

Get ready for teambuilding… Follow Me!

At FollowMe Tours we work hard to ensure that whatever event you choose suits your corporate identity perfectly! We rise your adrenaline levels to the maximum and challenge your mind in the most interactive way. Test the skills and creativity of your team and create the necessary chemistry between the members of a group. Participants discover the power of effective communication, trust and working together to achieve a common goal.

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